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Ask the Mental Health Expert Archives 2001-2004

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Billing Software

Q. I am looking for a mental health billing software. Is there a web site or book written by a psychiatrist or other mental health professional that recommends software that would be beneficial to others in the field?

A. I think you will find plenty of resources at the "Therapist's Helper" website, www.helper.com/helper/index.cfm. They provide software that aids with managed care, cash flow, tracking patient activity, session notes, etc. You might also check out the PM/2 Software site, www.pm2.com/corporate.html. This is a software system developed by psychiatrist, Dr. Richard D. Kaplan, and deals with Medicare codes, HCFA-1500 insurance claims, etc. Another popular software program is called "ShrinkRapt" (try going to www.ShrinkRapt.com).

Happy billing!

June 2002

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